Chempotty Estate is a unique organic farm located about 50 kilometers from Mysore, on Edayala Road, Hadya Hundi village. The Nugu Reservoir is just 9 kilometers from the property. Since its in close proximity to the Bandipur National Park, it is frequently visited by wild boar, leopard, malabar squirrel, peacocks and a host of other birds. We, at Chempotty Estate, truly believe in and practice 'spiritual farming', wherein Nature is revered along with all its creatures. During summer, special care is taken to provide water to the birds in coconut shells. Hence, most of them are permanent residents now.
The Estate encompasses about 15000 trees which include teak, neem and sandalwood along with various fruit trees like coconut, mango, jackfruit, sapota, gooseberry, mosambi, papaya to name a few. We practice bio-diverse natural farming, which is in complete harmony with its native eco-system.

ORGANIC FARMING is the need of the hour

Some of the core principles and practices we follow in our farm are:


The farm practices 3-layer farming, wherein maximum utilization of land resources is done. We have developed a heterogenous farming model where a diversity of fruit trees, grasses, shrubs, plants and trees co-exist, with focus on native flora and fauna, to create a forest like eco-system in the farm.


Our focus is to employ measures that enrich organic carbon and soil humus; and nurture the growth of micro-organisms, earth worms and other soil creatures as the foundation of healthy soil. The uniqueness of our soil brings on a special taste and sweetness to all our fruits.


We use Jeevamrutha from dung-urine of native cows; other farm-made liquid manures and our own compost.
Brahmaastram, a naturally made infusion is used to prevent the attack of pests and other plant diseases.


Chempotty Estate has been following organic farming for over 15 years. We believe that what we grow and produce should be safe for consumption for our children and family. This belief is what we carry forward for our patrons and strongly adhere to it. Therefore, our farm is organic certified by INDOCERT and it is a mandate of this institute that the certificate be renewed every year, which we carry out with due diligence, in consideration to our patrons and the growth and development of the estate.


At Chempotty Estate, we have 3 different types of soil. 1)Red Soil 2) Black Cotton Soil 3) Sandy Soil
The PH is between 7-8 indicating alkaline nature of the soil. Fertility of soil is maintained by mulching with cocoa fruit residues, coconut leaves, neem leaves and moringa leaves. We have planted neem and moringa/drumstick as intercrop to facilitate nitrogen fixing and control soil related plant diseases. Application of Jeevamrutham helps in the multiplication of bacterial growth of the soil which in turn helps the plant absorb the nutrients. As a result of this natural set up, the produce of Chempotty Estate is better in terms of yield and quality.

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